DEWC Services an accredited member of the ADF Reserves and Employer Support program

DEWC Services, a leading C4ISREW specialist in Australia’s Defence sector, has become a member of the Australian Defence Force Supportive Employer Program, a newly enhanced initiative recognising businesses that proactively support their employees who serve the nation as ADF reservists.

Acknowledging the company’s unwavering commitment to providing a supportive work environment that enables reservists to fulfill their military duties, DEWC Services recently earned bronze status through the program.

The program, run by the Australian Defence Force Reserves and Employer Support, recognises employers and businesses that go above and beyond in their efforts to accommodate reservists and enable them to undertake their training and operational requirements.

DEWC Services General Manager - People and Culture, Deb Penaluna said gaining membership underscores the company’s vision of fostering a work environment that promotes flexibility and professional development, while valuing the important work reservists do in building Australia’s Defence capability.

“Our mission at DEWC Services is underpinned by the commitment to serving the Australian Defence community, so we consider it an honour to support our reservists who dedicate their time and efforts to protecting Australia’s defence and national security interests,” she said.

“As a veteran owned and operated company with strong ties to the ADF, we know firsthand the sense of purpose and fulfilment that comes from contributing to mission critical projects in the interest of national safety.

“We also understand the challenges that reservists face when balancing service duties with work and family commitments, so we have made a concerted effort to implement supportive workplace practices and arrangements that enable our reservists to excel in their civilian and military careers.”

Information Warfare Consultant at DEWC Services, Charlie Moore, proudly serves part-time in the Australian Army. For Charlie, the company’s unwavering support of his Reserve service has enabled him to continue a part-time military career as an infantry soldier.

“DEWC Services has provided strong support and flexibility surrounding my reserve service arrangements, which allowed me to participate in a month-long international engagement exercise last year. DEWC’s commitment to accommodating my reserve service obligations by providing flexible and scalable work arrangements demonstrates their dedication to supporting the Australian Defence Organisation as a whole. “

“Reserve service allows me to develop skills outside of my core role at DEWC. In particular, understanding the strategic picture, communication, planning, operating in a Defence environment, and understanding the impact of Defence industry to the ADF. These skills benefit our clients, DEWC Services and the Defence industry more broadly.”

DEWC Services is a reservist-friendly company that believes in fostering an environment where reservists feel supported in their dual responsibilities. The company has a sustainable and authentic investment in workplace culture and professional development practices.