DEWC Services certified as an Australian Veteran Owned Business

Key provider of C4ISREW capabilities to Defence, DEWC Services, is officially recognised as an Australian Veteran Owned Business (AVOB), enabling the company to proudly showcase its military service.

The company was founded by CEO Allan Dundas, who continued his family’s  military heritage and served in the Royal Australian Air Force for nearly a decade. This deeply ingrained passion to serve the country shaped his award-winning consultancy business, which is dedicated to delivering innovative capabilities to support and protect Australia’s Defence community.

DEWC Services has been certified as an Australian Veteran Owned Business. The Australian Veteran Owned Business is a third-party certifier that promotes the recognition of Australian Defence Force veteran owned and operated businesses.

DEWC Services is a proud employer of veterans, with many filling leadership roles within the business. Dundas said the certification demonstrates the company’s commitment to supporting veterans in the workplace and acknowledging their skills and the sacrifices made during their ADF service.

“Veterans are the backbone of our company and we recognise and value the unique skills and experiences they bring to the workforce,” Dundas said.

“They are driven by a profound sense of purpose to serve the nation and in their civilian work at DEWC Services, they are given the opportunity to continue to make an impact by helping strengthen Australia’s sovereign Defence capabilities to protect our servicemen and women.

“Our veterans also play a key role in mentoring graduates and young talent at DEWC Services. They take great pride in sharing their experience and instilling knowledge to build the next generation of C4ISREW specialists.

“We are passionate about supporting veterans in their transition to the civilian workforce by understanding their career aspirations, leveraging their transferable skills, providing meaningful work and supporting their wellbeing.”

DEWC Service has been developing game-changing Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance and Electronic Warfare (C4ISREW) solutions for Defence since 2011. Our company has a commitment to the wellbeing and career development of its veteran employees.