Founded, owned and operated by an Air Force veteran and electronic warfare specialist, DEWC Services is an award-winning professional consultancy providing engineering support, technical expertise, and project management services to the Department of Defence and Australian Defence Force. We specialise in electrical and electronic defence systems; intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance systems; and cyber.

A trusted partner of the Australian Defence Force, we have earned a reputation as Australia’s foremost specialist in C4ISREW technologies, working to deliver enhanced capabilities in:

  • Command and control

  • Communications and computers

  • Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance

  • Electronic Warfare



Drawing on our deep, specialist knowledge of the electromagnetic battlespace, we:

  • Develop new and enhanced Defence capability

  • Research and develop innovative technology solutions and products

  • Support the acquisition and implementation of new capability

  • Provide operational support to ensure mission success


C4ISREW Services

Support to our clients in development and deployment of Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance, and Electronic Warfare (C4ISREW) solutions to meet the current and future needs of the electromagnetic battlespace across sea, air, land, space and cyber domains.


Engineering Support

Our team is experienced in the deployment of software-defined, hardware-enabled technologies that support mission flexibility.


Research & Development

Capacity to leverage in-house C4ISREW expertise to develop innovative solutions and products in collaboration with CASG, DSTG and the Australian Defence Force.


veteran owned and operated

DEWC Services is a South Australian company, wholly owned and managed by a Veteran, driven by a passion to build a community of C4ISREW practitioners eager to use their skill set and vast experience to contribute to protecting Australia’s sovereignty.

DEWC Services is dedicated to serving the Australian Defence community, delivering excellence in C4ISREW to help protect and ensure our warfighters can operate safely and effectively.

This is our purpose. We are with Defence, for Defence.

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