DEWC Services Named Finalists for Australian Defence Industry Awards 2023

DEWC Services, a prominent C4ISREW provider in the Australian defence sector, has been recognised for their exceptional contributions to the industry by being selected as finalists in not one, but two categories at the prestigious Australian Defence Industry Awards 2023.

The company has earned accolades in the finalist categories of ‘Consultancy of the Year’ and ‘Training and Mentorship of the Year’, solidifying their position as a leading force in defense consultancy and workforce development.

The Australian Defence Industry Awards, renowned for acknowledging excellence and innovation within the defence industry, have acknowledged DEWC Services for its outstanding performance in offering cutting-edge consultancy services to the defence sector. The company's commitment to providing innovative solutions to complex challenges has been widely acknowledged, and this recognition stands as a testament to their unwavering dedication to delivering best outcomes to client.

Moreover, DEWC Services has been highly regarded for their exemplary Graduate Development Program and mentorship opportunities. DEWC recognised the current skills shortages present across the defence industry and committed to significant internal training and mentoring projects with the aim of diversifying skills and increasing workforce size for Defence. Their dedication to nurturing talent and empowering employees to reach their full potential has been met with appreciation from peers and industry experts alike.

Adding to their list of achievements, two of DEWC Services' engineers have also been honored as finalists at the Australian Defence Industry Awards. Lucas Moss, a rising star in the industry, has been recognised as a finalist for ‘Rising Star of the Year’. His remarkable contributions and dedication to innovation have made him stand out as an emerging leader in the defence field.

Similarly, Andrew Piotrowski, an exceptional engineer with a track record of delivering outstanding results, has been named a finalist for ‘Engineer of the Year’. His technical expertise and commitment to driving excellence have earned him this well-deserved recognition.

DEWC Services' success as finalists in multiple categories at the ADIA showcases the company's steadfast commitment to professional excellence and innovation. These awards further solidify their position as industry leaders and provides recognition that the greatest reward is supporting our soldiers by creating defence systems through everyday engineering.