DEWC Services delivers EW projects in mission-critical areas

Since 2011, Adelaide-based Electronic Warfare (EW) company DEWC has been quietly kicking goals in support of the ADF's key EW requirements, solving problems and expanding operations across a range of EW domains.

Like most companies in the field, DEWC tends to "fly under the radar", not raising its head very often, so many of its achievements have gone largely unnoticed.

DEWC's underlying philosophy is based on the fundamental belief that the mastery of a highly contested electromagnetic spectrum (EMS) is critical in driving mission success or failure in the contemporary and future battlespace across sea, air, land and space.

To achieve this mission focus, DEWC has established a group of companies delivering:

  • EW consultancy services via DEWC Services,

  • EW innovations and capability development via DEWC Systems, and

  • Training and education via DEWC T&E's (Test and Evaluation) School of Information Operations (SOIO)

DEWC T&E's establishment of the SOIO has come at a crucial time when there is a growing demand for workforce with the required skills in electronic warfare and other related sectors that are fundamental to realising the current and future needs of the ADF and its Allies.

SOIO, which is a collaboration with Leonardo Academy (Lincoln) UK, is supporting the future pipeline of a highly skilled EW workforce for Australia. SOIO provides specialised training and workshops focused on EW, communications, EW operation support, undersea warfare (USW), cyber, maritime operations and other emerging operational areas for governments, defence and associated high-tech industry related sectors.

DEWC Services has a demonstrated track record in providing specialist EW consulting services to Defence clients specialising in Electronic Warfare Defence Capability, Aquisition and Sustainment. For nine years, DEWC has successfully completed more than 100 specialist EW support contracts for Defence clients from all key groups within Defence including:

  • Operational EW support to the Land Force Protection RF Electronic Countermeasures (FP-ECM) capabilities at the Joint EW Operational Support Unit (JEWOSU) including development, test and release of Mission Libraries; and project engineering support for the implementation of engineering management processes within Land CMD&V.

  • Operational EW support to Navy EW capabilities for the Navy Romeo helicopter including radar analysis, EW library development, testing and operational analysis.

  • Operational EW support to JEWOSU Australian Airborne Countermeasures Team (AACT) CMD&V activities for the Airborne Self Protection Jamming including radar vulnerability analysis, countermeasures library development, mentoring and participation in overseas trials.

  • Project Office support to Joint Strike Fighter Branch for the modernisation of EW Operational Support to support fifth generation EW platforms including development of capability concepts, requirements development, international engagement, design review conduct and test program development and management.

  • Project Office support to the Wedgetail Program including provision of expert advice for capability development definition activities for the Wedgetail Aircraft Mid-Life Upgrade, focusing on EW, SIGINT and survivability capabilities.

DEWC Services CEO, Allan Dundas noted that it is crucial that we recognise the significance of an increasingly congested and contested EMS.

"We need to work tirelessly to ensure the ADF has effective capabilities to succeed in the present and future EMS battlespace across sea, air, land and space," Dundas said.