DEWC Services scholarship sponsorship reaps rewards

The veteran-founded company has touted the success of its sponsorship of an intergenerational scholarship program.

After sponsoring the Australian Veterans’ Children Assistance Trust (AVCAT) in 2020 for the first time — a scholarship aimed at supporting the families of ex-servicemen and women — DEWC Services has brought to light the success story of its inaugural recipient.

The grandchild of a Royal Australian Navy Vietnam veteran, Cooper has leveraged the scholarship to advance his tertiary education and career, securing a job in the defence industry before graduating.

“My grandad urged me to apply two years ago, and if you were to tell me when I applied for the scholarship that I would be working as an undergraduate software engineer at a leading electronic warfare consulting business, I would not have believed you!” Cooper said.

The scholarship initially funded Cooper’s enrolment in a bachelor of computer science and has since served as a launching pad for his new career with DEWC Services.

“From the very beginning, DEWC Services were incredibly kind, welcoming and encouraging. I got to peek behind the curtain and see their passion for electronic warfare and for supporting Australian Defence through their knowledge and skills and it is awe-inspiring,” Cooper added.

“I am able to see how the concepts taught at university can be applied in the industry, and more specifically in defence, a field which I am passionate to give back to.”

According to Cooper, the scholarship has ignited his interest in a career in artificial intelligence.

“I am privileged to be involved in the Defence industry this early in my career,” he said.

Deb Penaluna, General Manager – People and Culture, welcomed the opportunity to support the veteran community by advancing the skills development of their family members.

“We have some unique insight into some of the challenges faced by our veteran community and appreciate the opportunity to provide both financial and mentoring support to Cooper through his tertiary studies journey,” Penaluna said.

“Cooper is a pretty amazing human with a really promising future. We are excited to be a part of his life story.”

AVCAT CEO Len Russell thanked DEWC Services for their sponsorship of the scholarship.

“It was fantastic to see how engaged and involved each of the DEWC staff were in supporting one of AVCAT’s deserving young people in their studies,” Len said.

“It means a lot to our scholars when a sponsor organisation really gets behind them to show support and it reminds me why AVCAT is here and working so hard to support our scholars.”

AVCAT support approximately 250 students each year, with almost 300 graduating since 2003.