Scholarship Fuels Next Generation of EW Specialists

Photo credits: DEWC Services
Defence Industry Scholarship (DISP) intern now forging a purpose-driven career with award-winning Electronic Warfare professional consultancy DEWC Services.

Seeking a graduate placement that would give him an advantage, Scott Pearse set his sights on a Cyber Technology internship at DEWC Services, supported by a South Australian Government scholarship, which has launched his career in software security at one of the defence industry’s top electronic warfare companies.

Completing a Bachelor of Information Technology at Flinders University and a rifleman in the Army Reserve, Scott wanted to find a placement that incorporated his interest in Defence and provided opportunities for real world application.

‘The scholarship seemed like the right gateway into the defence industry, and the electronic warfare (EW) focus at DEWC Services sparked my interest as many of the projects they work on provide real value to Defence,’ Scott said.

Focused on fostering a community of passionate EW specialists, DEWC Services have invested heavily in in-house training and education through their partnership with the School of Information Operations.

CEO Allan Dundas explained his intent to support and invest in the next generation, expanding around 20% of the company’s workforce with graduates and forging partnerships with industry focused universities and organisations to provide holistic development. 

‘This is a niche trade and it’s really motivating to support the next generation of electronic warfare professionals,’ Allan said.

‘We place them in some really technically challenging areas within defence and it’s great to watch their passion and their job satisfaction grow.’

Start The South Australian Defence Industry Scholarship Program, delivered by Defence SA and the Australian Industry Group (Ai Group), in partnership with defence industry companies like DEWC Services, are supporting the development of an in-demand workforce of highly skilled and experienced subject matter experts.

Placed within a research-based function at DEWC Services, Scott discovered a passion for areas to which he previously had limited exposure.

‘Undertaking a research-based placement was really applicable to my degree in cybersecurity, I gained a large amount of knowledge in a short space of time,’ Scott said.  

‘Initially, I wasn’t interested in the IoT (Internet of Things), but the research at DEWC really sparked my interest, I have a deeper understanding of protocols and vulnerabilities now and my knowledge has grown substantially.’

Taking every opportunity to learn from his mentors, relishing the real-world application, and being part of a company whose technology underpins our Australian Defence Force, Scott earned part-time employment at DEWC following the placement.

‘To anyone considering an industry placement as part of their degree, I’d say go for it!

‘I consider myself very fortunate to be able to work at DEWC Services, they really set the bar on what an ideal workplace environment should look like, and I hope to grow with DEWC Services into the future.’

Reinforcing Scott’s sentiment, DEWC Services has been ranked 9th Best Workplace in the Australia-wide small business category and awarded Australian Defence Industry consultancy of the year along with multiple ‘Great Place to Work’ certifications.

Proving the efficacy and intent of the scholarship program, Scott and many other graduates like him are paving the way for the next generation of electronic warfare experts.

‘There is much left undiscovered and I’m highly motivated by the work we have already started on and the individuals at DEWC Services that I am fortunate enough to work with.’