This Is Us

We are a team of professionals united by our passion for EW, fueled by the overarching purpose of assisting the Australian Defence Organisation with the protection of our national sovereignty.


. . . highly skilled Engineers Technicians Scientists and Technologists passionate about Electronic Warfare, Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance and Cyber.


. . . veterans and reservists using our specialist skills and experience growing the next generation of ISREW specialists.


. . . graduates taking our academic studies into practical applications learning from the best ISREW and cyber practitioners contributing to an enduring sovereign Defence capability for Australia.


At DEWC Services, we have a family culture and a strong focus on shared values.  In each step of our growth we endeavour to preserve and foster our culture as it is at the heart of who we are.

Purpose drives us.
We work for a higher purpose of serving our country.
Diversity beyond the optics.
We respect people, culture, preference and thinking.
No fear of failure.
We believe there is no innovation without failure.
Helicopter-Free zone.
We mentor, not hover.
Psychologically safe culture.
Talk to us about anything. No judgment.
The right to disconnect.
We encourage you to unplug from work and focus on what is important to you.
Authentic leadership.
What you see is what you get. Straightforward, unpretentious leadership.
collective fun
You belong. We connect you with social and professional interests. You're part of a brilliantly diverse and vibrant team.



Throughout your career journey, you aspire to live your best life everyday.

We get you. 

So we give you ability to opt in to flexible working patterns so you can design your own life - work adventure.


Personal wellbeing is important to us so we have invested in initiatives that promotes good mental and physical health so you can thrive and reach your potential.

Healthy Minds Program

  • We partner with the Healthy Minds program so you can maintain an optimal level of whole-person wellbeing.

Bi-annual Wellbeing Check

  • So we can provide you the most meaningful support to encourage a mentally healthy team

Team Exercise

  • We encourage you to build health, wellbeing and camaraderie among your workmates.

Discounted Gym Membership

  • We partner with Anytime Fitness because your physical health is important to us.

Social and Special Interest Groups

  • We link you with like-minded employees so you can have a more connected workplace.


We want you to grow with us so we invest in your future. We offer a variety of professional and career development options to equip you with skills and knowledge that will help you reach your peak.

Professional Development

Graduate Development Program

Mentoring Program

Industry Relevant Memberships