DEWC Services partners with Engineers Australia to boost engineering expertise

(Left to right) Jason Thornhill – Engineers Australia Client Manager; Allan Dundas – CEO, DEWC Services; Vern Collins – Chief Technology Officer, DEWC Services]
South Australian-based company DEWC Services, a leading provider of Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance and Electronic Warfare (C4ISREW) solutions to Defence, has partnered with the nation’s peak engineering body, Engineers Australia, to enhance the credentials of its engineering workforce.

Under the agreement, DEWC Services’ engineers and technical staff will have their talents certified against the industry’s highest international standards, demonstrating the company’s commitment to providing high-quality engineering solutions to the Australian Defence Force.

DEWC Services is a trusted partner of Defence, having delivered intelligence, survivability and mission data capabilities to critical programs for more than 12 years. Nearly half of the company’s workforce, which has grown from 21 to 85 in three years, are engineers.

DEWC Services CEO Allan Dundas said the partnership will ensure the company’s engineering staff are credentialled against a recognised global standard and continue to deliver a superior level of service to their Defence customers.

“Credentialling DEWC’s engineering workforce is the right move for the future of our business; it demonstrates quality and capability to our clients,” Dundas said.

“Future bids for new work may require that only credentialled engineering and technical staff are put forward as nominees to carry out the work.

DEWC Services Chief Technology Officer Vern Collins said the partnership will strengthen engagement between DEWC Services and Engineers Australia to support the ongoing professional development of its technical workforce.

“This partnership will support our engineers in their journey to achieving Chartered credentialling. It will simplify the process and provides a pathway to state-based registration for future work in jurisdictions that require engineering and technical staff to be credentialled.”

“New opportunities will open for our engineers to enhance their skills, expand their technical expertise and broaden their professional networks.  This will build a more capable and agile workforce for the ADF in the future,” Collins said.

Pat Arundell, Engineers Australia General Manager Chartered Assessment said the partnership reflected DEWC Services commitment to quality and achieving best practice.   

“We are really excited when we see smaller companies, like DEWC Services, investing in their workforce development. Credentialling and building a Chartered workforce helps to benchmark their engineers against globally recognised engineering standards.”

“Engineers Australia’s Chartered credential is the highest available technical credential for an engineering professional in Australia